I was born into an Army family: my grandfather was a decorated infantryman in World War II, my father retired after decades of service that began in combat in Vietnam, and my brothers earned multiple Bronze Stars in active duty service with multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The sacrifices of our servicemembers and their families resonates with me personally and professionally. I am familiar with the common sense of friendship, community, and support when living on or near a military base, and the challenges of constant moves that can pose additional difficulty for families when living where support of a nearby military base and community are distant.

In the metro Detroit area, I know it can be a challenge to find people who truly understand particular needs and pressures military families face, and I am honored to serve and assist them in finding broad-based, individually-tailored solutions to adjust and work through those challenges.

Our servicemembers commonly experience particular stresses, sometimes resulting from after-effects of traumatic events, to which few can relate. The training that prepared them to be strong on fields of battle often does not prepare them to cope well with combat experiences and losses that for many reverberate long after return to the homefront. I also know that taking the brave step to ask for help from a caring professional can transform greatest personal difficulties into opportunities for remarkable personal growth.

TriCare was the first insurance I chose to connect with, because I desire to connect my own grateful honor and respect for our military into whole-hearted service to that community that deserves our best.

Therapist Abigail DuPree LMSW in Livonia, MI