Another Road Counseling’s Mission

I am proud to be both honest and transparent. People know within the first hour of meeting me that I honestly love what I do and believe I can help them reach their goals. If someone is interested in improving their life by working with me, we will do it together.

I want everyone who enters my door to be able to understand themselves and tell their story. I encourage use of words, art, movement, and play therapy techniques to help with self-expression. Their voices will be heard in whatever ways they need.

Acceptance and Change:
To partner with people when they are emotionally hurting or having trouble finding hope so they can build a life worth living by first accepting themselves, then learning skills to build joy and satisfaction.

Therapy gives people a support person who can help them find new tools to work through their internal walls that prevent them from reaching their goals and feeling fulfillment. I empower people, one at a time, to tear down those walls with tools that work for them.

I believe in what I do and I know that I can help you.  Reaching out for help is a hard first step.  Make that first step by contacting me and I believe you will be happy that you did.



If you email me, please include your phone number so I can call you back. To protect your privacy, I’ll call rather than email you in return.

Therapist Abigail DuPree LMSW in Livonia, MI